Here to see cool stuff or to read some stories?

 Let's do both.

We all have two legs. 
I use them to go places in my mind where I can create stuff.

I use one of my legs to go out and look into people's eyes, to catch moments that may fly away if I don't grab them with my imagination and put them in words.
I write about people.
But sometimes I write about music, movies and art. For online news sites in Hungary.
And other times I write copy for starting websites or social media posts.

Creative  Writing 

 Branding   website copy

Copywriting  Social media 

This picture is from a rave party where I made a few UV paintings of the zines I wrote and Illustrated.  Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest. 

Graphic design is my other leg but I also illustrate.

Since I like to express myself visually, I often work on illustration and graphic design projects as well.

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